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The Brandenberger Family

The Brandenberger Family: A Story of HOPE

Photography is a constant observing of one's surroundings. Before I took out my camera in the Brandenberger's home I tuned into the tiny footsteps of their toddlers, the giggles of their preschoolers and the sweet but faint gurgles of their newborn baby. Our day was spent indoors, but there was no shortage of adventure! We wiggled into sleeping bags and performed daredevil stunts like bumping our way down the carpeted stairs. We built blanket forts and had contests to see who could jump the most steps. The hearts of the family in this home were full. They were together at last and it was more magical than they could have ever imagined. 

Abby Brandenberger reflects on her family's Taproot Session...

Our family has come together in ways much better than we could have ever planned, God has surprised us quite a few times in this journey. We are so thankful to have captured what a normal day is for us, because, while these days can be hard when all the girls are so young, the days also go by far too quickly and sometimes in a blur! Kate captured all the mundane tasks of family life, tasks that someday I will miss doing with all my little girls!


An active word, A verb. A firm assurance of things that are unclear and unknown

I asked Abby about the letters H, O, P and E that I saw hanging on the wall in their living room and throughout their home. They are the first letters of the girls' names, but they mean so much more than that to the Brandenberger family. Abby told me,

When we were trying to get pregnant and then adopt, we would find a lot of verses in the Bible about hope being a confident expectation. So we clung to those verses throughout our wait to adopt or conceive.

The wait has ended for them and their home is full! This is how Matt and Abby's determination to cling to hope has transformed their home...

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