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The Zehr Family

The Zehr Family: A Story of Creating Love

Everywhere you look in the Zehr's home you will find creativity and love. This family wears their hearts on the walls of their home- children's portraits and artwork, treasures from life's journeys, favorite quotes and sayings, a snapshot of mom and dad kissing when they were high school sweethearts. It's easy to tell that the Zehr family values the time that they spend together. They love with their presence.


Heather tells her family's story in this thoughtful letter that she sent to me after her half-day Taproot Session...

Dear Kate,
When you were talking about your new approach of capturing everyday life I was so eager to see what that looked like. I am thankful for pictures and the memories they hold, but everyday does not look picture perfect as some pictures might portray. The idea of you coming and capturing everyday life was so exciting to me! I am not one that keeps a clean house, cares much about a schedule or a do list. And when my kids are home it is my favorite! We love being homebodies, most of their toys make it out into our living room and we try to be creative daily. I love watching my kids play independently and together. I love how they love animals and learning more about them. I love how they still like to snuggle, play with my hair and read books all together. It seems like they were just toddlers, time goes by so quickly. I try to journal and keep record of the things they say and snap pictures on my phone, but I rarely get in pictures with my kids and was excited to have pictures to reflect on in the future. The day you were coming, I wondered if my kids would be shy or if they would be themselves. And, honestly after about the first 5-10 minutes it was like you were not even there. We had our butter coffee (a must!)... your photos reflected we are not morning people... mornings are slow going, messy hair, cuddles and craziness with daddy. I loved that you captured this season of life. So fun to look back at the pictures and remember what was hung on our walls, that our dishwasher was leaking and we had a towel shoved under it, our crazy puppy, the trampoline, Clint’s teepee, my daily job of keeping the fire going and one of my favorites is how you captured the kids laughing so hard they were almost crying!!! I am thankful to have married my high school sweetheart and blessed by motherhood. I praise God daily for my family! They mean the world to me. These memories are priceless! I wish you would have started this style of photographing when I was drowning in diapers with both kids... haha! I am so so thankful for this session, the pictures and these memories.
— Heather
With any wall art or print purchase. Now through April 30, 2017

With any wall art or print purchase. Now through April 30, 2017

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