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Spring Break Portrait Tips


You'll be spending more family time over Spring Break and you won't want to miss out on photographing those precious moments. I searched my phone and picked out a handful of photographs that I have taken over the past year of my family. I haven't added any fancy editing, and I don't think it's necessary. I hope these images of my family inspire you to creatively photograph your own family this week!  

Boy and Duckling- Kathryn Proto Photography

#1 Soul over Smile

Get after the soul! You know that your kid isn't only smiles- why miss out on his other expressions? Shoot away... stop waiting for that smile... look for that soul. Moms often tell me with a guilty look on their face that, "there's just something about this one... I know he isn't smiling... but I'm drawn to this portrait for some reason." That's because it's a photograph of the soul! And there is absolutely no guilt in enjoying a soulful photograph of your child (yes, even your crying child). It's a beautiful thing! All of life is worth photographing. 

FullSizeRender (6).jpg
I've Got You- Kathryn Proto Photography

#2 Engage

Talk with your kids while you are photographing them- Answer their questions, put down your camera when they need your full attention. You build trust when you make an effort to connect with your children while photographing them. They'll be less likely to see the camera as something that takes mommy away from them and more likely to see it as a fun activity that they can enjoy with you. 


#3 Move

Be the mom who lets her kids enjoy playing while she is photographing them. Avoid planting your feet and stopping the action. Get in on all that crazy fun! 

Camping- Kathryn Proto Photography

#4 Angle

See the world through your child's eyes. When you observe your child you'll realize that his eye level changes constantly. One minute he's up on the counter, then laying down on the floor, then jumping on the bed... Adopt his perspective of the world. Go high, go low, and get on his level. This will add visual impact and movement to your images. And, he'll think it's pretty cool when he sees you mimicking him! 

Tree House- Kathryn Proto Photography

Let's start a conversation in the comments! What are you looking forward to photographing this week?

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