Taproot Photography
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As I child, I faced some tough questions as an artistic kid like, "Why are my sisters embarrassed by me sporting a training bra and hula skirt out in public?" I grew up knowing that I was and always needed to be an artist. I fell in love with the art of black and white photography in high school. After leaving my hometown of West Chester, PA I studied Fine Art and Photography at Taylor University, got married and moved to Indiana where I became a mommy. Since my husband and I are both dreamers, we decided to start an organic farm and create an in-home photography studio there. We had never farmed and I had never lived in the country. A grand idea, none the less! When we found a thriving patch of four leaf clover shortly after moving to the farm I knew that we were in the right place. Ever since those early, carefree days on the farm the sight of blooming red clover brings me peace and joy. 

Five years later we found that our life on the farm had become too heavy to hold on to and it was time for a change. My husband had been forced to give up working and driving due to his genetic eye disease. My poor health also burdened our everyday life. We've learned to adapt by creating and embracing a simple lifestyle. My soul yearns for the freedom and joy that is found in living more simply and loving more generously. I believe that you can see this passion in my art. Now we're back in Chester County, PA where I am excited to be close to family and create beautiful art for you and your family.