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Newborn, Clover and Taproot Collections and

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Clover Mini Collections when you sign up to “Be in the Know” about Taproot’s upcoming specials and events. Just scroll all the way to the very bottom of any page on our website to sign up and get your discount.

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If you were given a referral card with a $25 discount from a Taproot client your discount is now worth $75! Book today to take advantage of this special. Choose the "pay later" option.

Referral Rewards

All Taproot clients are eligible to earn Referral Rewards! Receive up to $75 off your next Portrait Collection for each referred friend who books for the first time! I'll provide you with referral cards that include a special offer for your friends! There's no limit to the amount of referral reward credit that you can earn and it never expires. Start earning rewards as soon as you place a deposit on your first Portrait Collection. Ask me to send you referral cards!

Your referred friends can now triple their discount! Their $25 discount is now worth $75! Share the love.



Loyal Fans = Surprise Gifts

Loyal Social Media Fans support Taproot's mission and are excited to share Taproot Photography with others. Taproot's Fans do their best to promote Taproot Photography using social media. Taproot's Loyal Social Media Fan Membership is designed for those who love to stay connected with their friends on Facebook and Instagram. Members use social media to make connections, share photographs and stay up to date on what's happening in the lives of their friends.  When you become a LSMF I’ll send you surprise gifts that you will love (including photo gifts for current clients)! Membership is open to anyone who has used my services in the past or plans to use them in the future and who lives in the Greater Philadelphia area (25 mile radius from 19382 zip code), has an active Facebook and/or Instagram Page and is 18 + years of age. Gifts may vary depending on participation level. Memberships run for one year from sign up date.  

What is required of a Loyal Social Media Fan?
In order to receive and continue to receive tokens of appreciation from Taproot Photography, fans are required to do the following. Bonus items are not required but will also be rewarded!

  • Like and follow Taproot Photography on Social Media

  • Share their own photographs taken by Taproot, tagging and/or mentioning Taproot Photography

  • Regularly comment on Taproot's posts

  • Regularly share Taproot's posts

  • Regularly like Taproot's posts

  • BONUS: Recommend and tag Taproot Photography on group pages when people are searching for a photographer

  • BONUS: Write a review for Taproot Photography on Facebook, Google, etc. (after you have received services from Taproot, please)

What if I sign up but decide not to continue as a Loyal Fan?
Loyal Fans can opt out of their membership at any time. All you have to do it let me know. 


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