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New Family Adventures

Our Family
And suddenly you know...It’s time to start something new and trust the magic of beginnings.

Our family is planning another adventure! We've been on the farm for over 5 years now and during those years we've experienced our highest highs and our lowest lows as a family. And by the grace of God we keep on loving, living and dreaming. We have roots that run deep and spread wide in this Indiana clay, but we have a new dream in our hearts and it is time to journey on. By early next week our beloved homestead will be on the market and we will prepare to relocate to my hometown of West Chester, Pennsylvania as early as this fall. 

Our Family

There is a great weight to all of this change that I am just now beginning to feel. And as that weight increases so does my attitude of gratefulness. I'm grateful for all of you! My soul overflows with gratitude for my clients who have invited me into their hearts and homes- sharing their most cherished moments with me, for my friends who have walked hand in hand with me, and for my Indiana family who have always supported me. Thank you and I love you all deeply!

I plan on visiting Fort Wayne throughout the year and offering portrait sessions when I do. 

I have new ideas that I am excited to explore in P.A. when I relocate my photography business. Late Summer and Fall sessions are available to book through mid October. Later dates may be added as our home sits on the market. I would love to photograph your family this season! I do have limited availability so please book your session today. I am offering a special to all returning clients when you do!


$50 off All Clover Sessions
$175 off all Taproot Sessions

Offer valid for returning clients only- Book now.


I appreciate your loyalty and kindness to me
throughout the 11 years that I have been in business in the Fort Wayne area.
I hope that we will share many more memories together in the future.
Photos by Valerie Joy Photography

Photos by Valerie Joy Photography